Elaia Investment Spain, Socimi, S.A. (“EIS”) is a Spanish real estate investment vehicle (REIT) focused on tourism real estate assets and subject to the SOCIMI spanish tax regime.

EIS was set up in December 2015 and manages a portfolio composed of tourism, valuing €55 millions as at December 31th, 2023. The company was floated on the Spanish stock exchange (MAB) during the last quarter of 2017.

EIS has a portfolio composed of 5 assets for a total committed investment cost of €55 millions, currently allocated as tourism properties (100%).

Since the beginning of its activity, EIS has been implementing a value generation strategy, including repositioning the acquired assets by refurbishment projects, just like the implementation of partnerships with top-tier European operators. In August 2017, Batipart Immo Long Terme (Batipart Group) has acquired from Eurosic a 66% stake in EIS, thus becoming its major shareholder.